Key Pieces of Lifting Equipment in the Construction Industry

This month we’re taking a moment to introduce and celebrate the star players of lifting equipment in the construction and maintenance industries. These are the key pieces of lifting equipment that LGH are so proud of and that have proved constantly popular with customers through the years.

These key pieces are often used because they are tough, durable, versatile and great value. That’s why we find customers keep returning for our quality lifting gear. LGH have a huge range of lifting equipment available for hire and sale, but we’ll here focus on the key categories that are consistently popular: hoisting rigging.


LGH Hoists are the muscle and stars of the show. We supply a range of different hoisting solutions, including: air chain hoists, lever hoists and combi-units. Our team are experts in the field and can advise you on the best hoist for a job.  A great example of LGH hoists in use is the Sound partnership 2+U project. This large-scale construction project involved a unique lifting solution that allowed construction teams to crane large Y shaped frames into position with a very limited amount of space. Thanks to our LGH team of engineers, a solution was found using a rolling block setup with an air chain hoist.

Our air hoists are not only for large-scale 38-storey building projects like this one – we have hoists for any size project.

Another key hoisting solution often used in the construction sector is the Tirak Universal Hoist. The Tirak is a motorised traction hoist. With its rope pass-through design, this equipment allows for unlimited rope lengths, providing ultimate flexibility and consistent performance.


LGH’s rigging equipment includes all the important accessories to crane lifting such as frames, beams and slings. A great example can be found in the recent hanging glass walkway project in the Deloitte building in London. A 50 tonne glass walkway had to be carefully lowered into place between two buildings. This was achieved using an LGH lifting frame with top slings and chain blocks.

Key pieces of equipment generally used in all scales of rigging projects are

Modular Spreader Beams. They are versatile and cost-effective and have a wide range of capacities to suit the job. The interchangeable struts enable you to lengthen or shorten the beam, making them reusable at different spans, perfect for the flexibility required in Construction projects.

CMOD frames are also used frequently within the construction sector. The modular frame utilises corner units, compatible with spreader beam struts and is modular in length and width meaning they can be used on a variety of projects. For more information on LGH’s range of hoisting and rigging products along with our other lifting equipment, please contact our team.


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