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Choose LGH for your next Marine & Offshore project.

LGH understand the pressures and demands that face the Marine, Offshore and Subsea sector.

When working in the most extreme circumstances you need the best and safest equipment you can have.

We have partnered with the most trusted and recognised names in the industry to ensure we provide safety, certainty and great service to ensure your project succeeds first time.

Air Chain Hoists

JDN Air Hoists PROFI Series are very robust and therefore suitable for tough applications even in continuous working processes.

According to your requirements there are various control systems available. For traversing loads different trolley designs meet your particular demands.

  • Sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads
  • Load chain and hooks manufactured from high quality steels

*Available to hire up to 100t

Modular Spreader Beams

The LGH assortment of spreader beam assemblies offers a wide range of spans, configurations and capacities to suit your wide and varied lifting needs. Our sizes range from 24t to 1000t with spans available from 0.5m to over 31m. Greater load capacities available on request.

For extremely low headroom applications LGH can support you by designing and delivering a bespoke lifting frame to suit your exact requirements.

Our technical team is available to provide recommendations on your lift plan. Send us details of your lift including weight, lifting points and position, height restrictions, load type, centre of gravity (COG) position, crane type and lifting environment.

Duplex & Quadplex WebslingsWeb slings and synthetic round slings are available for a range of load capacities and in different lengths. The web slings are made of polyester and are available either open ended or as an endless sling. Round slings have an outer sleeve that protects the fibre strands.

Load Capacity: 200t max. Higher load capacities available on request.

Wire ropes are widely used as a cost-effective alternative to chains, offering considerably higher capacities and additional properties such as resistance to salt water.

• Multiple Configurations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 legs and endless
• Multiple Terminations: 
Soft Eyes, Thimble Eyes, Sockets and Swaged Terminals
• Splice Options: Talurit, Supersplice, Flemish eye
• Sling Types: Single Laid, Cable Laid & Grommets

HDG1 Digital Gauge

Digital load indicators are lightweight, compact devices for load weighing. They are easy to use and enable extremely precise measurements. Delivery includes a remote control with indication. The measuring accuracy is 0.2 %* of the nominal load. Also available with data storage device for further processing of measurement data on a PC.

Measuring Range: max. 500t. Higher load capacities available on request.
*Ask for specifications per digital load cell.


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