Product Spotlight: Probst Stone Magnets

For the easy and efficient handling and laying of stone slabs and concrete/marble blocks, a stone magnet vacuum lifting device is the piece of kit you need.

At LGH, we only work with the most trusted suppliers, so when it comes to stone magnets, it has to be Probst. A member of LEEA, they’re well known in the trade for their quality products that perform both safely and efficiently. In fact, they are the market leader in innovation strength for handling systems.

The Probst SM400/600 and SH-2500-UNI-B (petrol) vacuum lifting devices are robust and easy to handle – as well as flexible, fast, and efficient. Specially designed and equipped for heavy duty work on the construction site, they won’t let you down.

Vacuum Lifting Device SM400/600

The perfect choice for flexible, fast and secure installation of primarily vacuum-dense elements such as granite. Powered by a rechargeable, exchangeable 12V battery, it is cordless so can operate independently of a main power supply. The clever power-saving control system ensures the battery last for a whole working day. Check the charge at a glance with the battery charge indicator – the battery can be exchanged within seconds if needed.

The SM400/600 can be used with any hoist and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 600kg. With a robust and compact main body, it also features integrated suspension for a crane hook.

In seconds, various suction plates can be fitted to the SM via a quick release locating pin, enabling it to be used for many different purposes and loads

An optional trolley (UM-SM) is available, which enables use where hoisting equipment is not available and/ or to provide greater manoeuvrability.

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Vacuum Lifting Device SH-2500-UNI-B (petrol)

The SH-500 is designed for the easy and efficient handling and laying of natural stone, concrete and marble slabs, pipes and steps with no compromise on safety. It can hang from any carrier by means of load hooks, chains and cables, and like the SMs it can be adapted for different loads in no time using a variety of quick-release suction plates. A generator can also be set directly onto the device by means of a special frame suspension.

It’s also ideal for laying lighter stone and concrete slabs from 15 up to 150 kg, such patio blocks when adapted with additional devices like the Micro MJ.

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The Probst SM400/600 and SH-2500-UNI-B (petrol) vacuum lifting devices are available to hire now from LGH.

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