GEDA Ladder Hoist

GEDA Ladder, the inclined hoist for everything that has to be transported up or down

  • Hoisting speeds of 22m to 30m/min dependent on model/load
  • An extensive range of attachments and accessories available to safely transport plaster board, solar panels, tiles, bricks, rolls of felt etc
  • Lift height of 19m to eaves, with further transport run enabled past the knuckle section to another 21m
  • A site survey is recommended prior to installation to verify that the specification offered fully meets the requirement of the job


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Tile holder especially designed for tilers with hinged safety guard and tile cart
GEDA Ladder Hoist 1


You can also tile the roof below the ladder using the roof trestle, which is variably adjustable between 37cm and 60cm
GEDA Ladder Hoist 2


Multi-purpose platform with folded lateral protection for the transport of a large variety of building materials (picture with bucket receptacle and buckets)
GEDA Ladder Hoist 3


Multi-purpose platform with closed lateral protection- the Multi-purpose transport device
GEDA Ladder Hoist 4


Multi-purpose platform with folded lateral protection and front flap
GEDA Ladder Hoist 5


Multi-purpose platform with extracted lateral protection, which also allows transport of bulky goods
GEDA Ladder Hoist 6


Twin variants of the continuously adjustable angle track section are available with long and short blades or equally long blades
GEDA Ladder Hoist 7


The varioplatform with its foldable lateral protection allows transport of bulky goods without any problems. The inclination of the platform can be adjusted
GEDA Ladder Hoist 8


The tipping skip for the standard trolley is automatically emptied by the tipping device, which can also be used inside the building. The adjustable prop is contained in the delivery
GEDA Ladder Hoist 9


You can easily transport the winch using a cart. This allows for the components of the dismantled lift to be easily moved and stored in a space saving manner

Easy to work on the roof due to the roof tile batten trolley

The liftable trolley can make the skip tilt up 130º

Using the titling trolley with the sheet carrier, you can easily unload large boards

Inforced ladders for up to 250kg

Ladders for up to 200kg load capacity

Product Code Model Load Cap. (kg) Max. Ladder Rail Length up to the Eaves (m) Max. Overall Ladder Length (m) Rope Length (m) Electrical (kW) Power Supply (V/Hz)
H010810001 Lift 250 250 19 40 43, 63, 83 1.3 110/50
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