Hydrajaws Model 2000

  • The Model 2000 pull-out tester is a purpose made kit for testing eyebolts and threaded anchors up to M20
  • It allows for accurate proof testing and validating of anchors and eyebolts up to 25kN
  • The resulting load value is indicated on the dial type analogue gauge or optional digital gauge

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Product Code Model Pull-out load range (kN/lb/f) Stroke scale (mm) Effective stroke (mm) Ranges available Accuracy Working Temperature Weight
Digital (kN) Analogue (kN) Digital (to +/-
% fsd)
Analogue (to +/- % fsd) Digital (°C) Analogue (°C) Tester only (kg) Packaged weight (kg)
H340400025 2000 0-25 0-50 50 0-25 0-25 0.5 2.5 -30 to
-20 to
2.2 8.0


  • Pull-out load range: 0-25kN/lb/f
  • Weight Tester: Only 2.2kg Packaged weight 8kg (will vary)
  • Stroke scale: 0-50mm
  • Effective stroke: 50mm
  • Load gauge: fixed or interchangeable
  • Casing: Aluminium
  • Loading jaw pivotable through 360° with spring return
  • Operating handle standard size with integrated 22mm operating nut for confined spaces

Load Gauges

  • Ranges available: Digital: 0-25kN Analogue: 0-25kN.
  • Accuracy: Analogue to +/-2.5% fsd Digital to +/- 0.5% fsd
  • Indication of pull-out load
  • Calibrated in kN
  • Traceable UKAS calibration certificate supplied with each gauge
  • Protective rubber cover (analogue only)
  • Impact resistant glass
  • Protection against sudden load relief (i.e. sudden failure of fixing)
  • Analogue and Digital: Peak hold memory
  • Working Temperature: Analogue: -20°C to +60ºC Digital: -30°C to +85°C


  • Bolt Tester Adaptor
  • 6x Threaded button adaptors M4 – M12
  • 6x Slotted button adaptors 4.5mm to 12.5mm
  • M16 and M20 Threaded Stud Adaptor
  • Turning Handle with 22mm integrated nut (for use in confined spaces)
  • M12 Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis
  • 150mm Load Spreading Bridge with 75mm Hex extension legs with 25mm of threaded adjustment
  • Calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)
  • Robust carry case
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